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A Gundam holding a gun, damn! Why Rush? BBN Erica reveals her marriage-related plans.

Following pressure placed on her marital status due to the nature of her age by worried citizens, seasoned reality television star Erica of Nigeria has revealed her trust in it.

On Twitter, she openly said that she is not concerned about the issue and would not be getting married any time soon, quelling people’s interest.

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This began as a result of followers tricking her into lying about her age to enhance the flavor of her celebrity. They pushed her with the idea that she ought to accept her natural tendency and get married to her ideal partner right now.

In response to their assertion, Erica stood by her position and admonished them against drawing any conclusions about the duration of her existence.

She stated in her tweet:

“I am turning 27 this year and it’s not you that will tell me my own age”  

“Why rush? I have the rest of my life to be married. It’s favorable to the men cos they don’t really have to change much about their lives but a lot about the woman changes.”