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Tems will wed Future, according to the prophetess who predicted AKA death.

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The currently heated prophetess who prophesied about the shooting saga of AKA has once more dropped a revelation to believe in. Recall that in the recent saga, a tragic dismissal of the veteran South African Rapper, AKA transpired after an undisclosed hitman closely blasted a bullet through his skull sparking an instant death.

The prophetess who previously revealed a revelation to believe in about the shooting drama of AKA is presently in the spotlight.

Remember that in the most recent story, a sad dismissal of the legendary South African rapper AKA took place when an unidentified hitman shot him in the head with a bullet that caused an immediate death.

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The unfortunate death’s circumstances sparked comments, but they largely served to draw attention to a prophesy made by Ahunna Scarlet Ejiogu, a senior priest from Nigeria.

Early in 2022, Scarlet predicted the sad death of AKA and informed him over the internet, but the Rapper disregarded her warning.

This revelation materialized after the sad shooting story of AKA, which prompted the Prophetess to reveal yet another shocking insight.

She did, however, disclose the optimistic vision of prophecy that is present in both the present and the future.

She said that she and the other would be married shortly after Tems had subdued Future by the power of her African maternal hand.

She said:

“God says: Music Artists, Future and Tems will eventually get married. Tems will use her African maternal hand to tame Future into marital submission @future @tems”



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