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Taylor, DJ Cuppy’s fiancé, explains “Why I stopped boxing” after nearly losing his sight in a bout.

A Gundam holding a gun, damn! Taylor, DJ Cuppy's fiancé, explains "Why I stopped boxing" after nearly losing his sight in a bout.

DJ Cuppy, a well-known Nigerian disc jockey, cruelly left his final boxing battle, according to DJ Cuppy’s fiance Taylor.

Taylor was quickly knocked out during his boxing battle with an unnamed opponent in the most recent drama, lasting only two seconds.

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Because of how awful the event appeared, concerned bystanders wanted to learn a little bit more about what had happened within Taylor to cause him to lose the match.

After his opponent delivered the opening blow of the contest to his face, he reacted to this by admitting that he had lost his sight. He immediately gave up the fight that had started the humiliating incident by giving up too readily.

He said as much on his Instagram story after sharing the surprise:

The glove caught my fucking eyeball. I can’t see Shit.”

Check out his post below;

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