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Prince, a BBN star, describes how he almost crashed into a Rolls-Royce due to Lagos taxi drivers.

A Gundam holding a gun, damn!

Following his narrow escape from nearly hitting a Rolls Royce, Nigerian TV reality star Prince voiced his thanks, tension, and regret.

His admission stated that he was attempting to avoid a cab driver when the event almost occurred.

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He had a fit, calling Lagos drivers “mad drivers” and cursing them, saying his insurance company would have shunned him if he had actually struck the pricey car.

He stated:

β€œBus drivers in Lagos are a complete menace 😑. One werey driver almost made me hit a Rolls Royce while I was trying to dodge him . Wetin I for tell my mother that I was doing and hit a whole Rolls Royce!!”

“Werey get mind to wave me sorry, na thunder for fire you and your sorry”

“My dear, imagine I called my insurance company that I hit an RR , they’ll cut the call on me πŸ˜©β€