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“I really broke down after Big Brother” BBN Kim Oprah describes what happened to her.

A Gundam holding a gun, damn! "I really broke down after Big Brother" BBN Kim Oprah describes what happened to her.

Kim Oprah, a reality television celebrity in Nigeria, received a ton of appreciation after sharing her difficult Big Brother Naija experience.

The self-assured social media influencer claimed on Instagram that she sobbed after the reality TV program.

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She also said how she has significantly improved in numerous vocations after her breakdown, but she omitted to mention the difficulty she had following the Big Brother Naija program.

She described it thus way:

“My life has been one of grace and blessings, because some things happen and one wonders why. I really broke down after Big Brother. I have never shared this story. I was really broken, because with pageantry, I did not get anywhere.”

“I thought BBN would be different because it was out of my comfort zone. My people advised me to try it because I had been in Lagos for about a year hosting events. I recall that I used to tell Denrele Edun to give me some of the gigs that were below his pay grade.”

“Growing up with a strong independent woman helped me business wise, and in life generally. It taught me not to wait on anyone. If one has to do something, one has to do it by oneself. I don’t wait around for people to do something for me; I just do it myself.”