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“I never thought I would have a child that would make me famous” Father of Phyna on his daughter’s BBN triumph

A Gundam holding a gun, damn!

Phyna, the Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ victor, has firsthand knowledge of what it’s like to triumph over a significant financial goal.

As the most entertaining contender for the 100 million dollar grand prize, Phyna outperformed every other housemate and was declared the winner of the reality TV show, sparking a spirited holiday season among her supporters and family.

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Phyna’s Father has conveyed his joy in the same manner that everyone else has laid down their perspectives.

He stated that he never imagined having a child that would elevate his status and bring him fame.

He continued to express how he was feeling, expressing his joy and embracing his new stage of life.

He said, in his own words:

“I never believed I would father a child that would put me in the spotlight in my lifetime. My wife and I supported her. In fact, we gave her our blessings before she entered the house. She always carries us along in whatever she wants to do in life” 

“I am overjoyed because I never believed I would father a daughter that will make me proud. Since she was announced the winner of the reality show, I have been receiving calls from across the country and beyond.”

“People that know me and those that don’t know are all expressing their happiness for my family. My village in Edo State is currently agog with the news of my daughter’s victory at the show.”

watch the video here;