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“I can only be submissive to a man out of love”, says BBN Erica Nlewedim.

A Gundam holding a gun, damn!

Erica, a well-known Nollywood actress and reality TV star in Nigeria, has revealed the one quality that would cause her to disregard feminism and continue to be submissive to a guy.

She felt the need to express her feelings, so she used her Twitter account to say that the only thing that could make her submit to a man is love.

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She acknowledged being a feminist for women and promised that, if a male is not anti-feminist, she would think about dating him.

In her words she said,

“First date question: Do you have a problem with feminists? Cos I’m a feminine feminist. Only love can make me submissive”.

A supporter attempted to contradict her vows by asserting that they could have gone too far. Erica responded by stating that a guy must establish his reputation before he can compel a woman to be obedient to him.

She concluded by saying that women frequently consent to be taken advantage of by men if they feel at ease or like the man’s care.

She spoke;

“Don’t demand submission from people you have no right to ask that from. Some guys ask females to be submissive simply cos they’re male and not that they’ve earned it. It’s something a woman will give freely when/if she feels safe and comfortable and definitely not to all men”